Proudly Powhatan Produced

Proudly Powhatan Produced

Introducing the Proudly Powhatan Produced Brand

The Proudly Powhatan Produced marketing campaign was introduced in 2024 in order to not only provide a means to identify products made in Powhatan County, but also encourage those in our community and beyond to support local artisans. By having an understanding of the types of goods made in our county, we are better equipped to be able to serve these business owners as an Economic Development and Tourism Department. Local sellers of goods are also then able to understand their options as far as local vendors are concerned. 

Look for this window cling around town to know where to shop local. The following businesses in Powhatan County are sellers of Proudly Powhatan Produced Products: 

The following small businesses are participating in our Proudly Powhatan Produced marketing initiative:

Contact us at to learn more about this program or to inquire about participating.